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2422 Englisch abgeschlossen The heavenly father grannte unto yowe... I have received from you two letters, the former in the moneth of septembre of the yere past, the later in the moneth of May
3995 Englisch abgeschlossen Master Frensham, as you in your letters oft comforted me, so I would lykwise comfort you, but wher my comfort is swalo, ye lord Iesus
6629 Englisch abgeschlossen At morning prayer the minister, habited in a white linen surplice.. // Bullingers remarks upon the preceding: "The most excellent master Horn presented
7537 Englisch abgeschlossen (I received this present daye a letter from Mr. Bullinger, wherein are conteyned these wordes followynge) "quod novas turbas dat Guisiaca Soboles Regina Scotiae, debent..."